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House wash from the outside of your gutters (including your eaves) down. It includes all
your painted surfaces, if you have a deck or patio of some description it includes the
ceiling, walls and railings of this and your windows will be washed and left to drip dry!
We will spray on our solution using a high flow low pressure pump. The solution is
made up of water, detergent, disinfectant and bleach. This will be sprayed on the whole
exterior of your house, scrub over all of the above with soft brushes and then rinse with
Specialists in low pressure house washing
Clean off the mould and mildew
Eftpos available
Pressure cleaning of hard surfaces such as:
Concrete drive, paths and pool surrounds
Paved areas
WIndow cleaning
Internal mould removal.
If its not listed just ask we have been requested to clean a variety of unusual and exciting features that adorn peoples houses or yards
We also provide the following services.