We are a local Brisbane based family run business that specialise in a soft wash external house cleaning system that was developed over 30 years ago.

We will hose a solution that includes bleach and detergent on to your home using a LOW pressure hi-flow pump system. One of our staff will then brush over your painted surfaces, glass and screens on the outside and then rinse off the house using plain water.

In this service your house and windows are left to dry naturally (we do not polish with a cloth, some stains or built up grime may remain if your home has not been regularly cleaned see out FAQ for more information).

Our brushes are soft so we do not risk scratching your delicate paint or any other surfaces. It could be said its as soft as brushing your teeth. We have developed and used our soft washing method within our family for over 30 years. 

We also provide the following services.


*Please note we DO NOT clean asbestos roofing



Our website does not request critical personal information. 

Our booking system holds some personal data that is NOT shared with anyone.

We will not provide any details of our clients to anyone without express permission.

Photos used of our work do not contain specific identifying information. 



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